Union Bank & Trust (UBT) wasn't new to employee wellness. Their rich benefits plan reduced financial barriers to getting preventive and routine care. Their program design and health messaging recognized that well-being includes work-life and financial security concerns along with sound physical and mental health. They worked with their food services partner to meet specific nutrition requirements. Thing was, they had little data. They didn't know what was working.

Union Bank & Trust audits their current state
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Since UBT was newly self-insured, they'd soon have access to their health data. But they still wouldn't know about their communication strategy's effectiveness. And that was key, particularly as they were introducing significant changes in 2011. They were shifting from incentives for participation to incentives tied to individual health metrics, and with their partner, Limeade, they were introducing social opportunities for improved health.

So UBT asked context to conduct a communication audit. UBT's vice president of human resources, Jason Lauritsen, chose context over other firms because, “Fran asks great questions that help us think better about our own practices. She has a deep understanding of wellness and adds value to every conversation in ways that are beyond what we expect. Fran's candid and focused, and she's flexible. She doesn't have any dogma like some consultants do. She wanted to help us find solutions that'll work within our organization. She creates solutions in context.”

Union Bank & Trust audits their current state
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context used a combination of interviews, data collection and material review to analyze what was working and where there were holes and opportunities. context delivered a comprehensive report and executive infographic that detailed cultural and environmental supports and barriers, communication hits and oversights, and a five-track plan for increasing health engagement at all levels of the organization.


Lauritsen plans to use the report and infographic to build stronger senior leadership support. “We've always had good support from the top for wellness, but we haven't done an effective job of keeping the executives informed and engaged in the process throughout the year. The work we've done with context is going to help us close that gap.”

Human resources manager Chad Thies added, “As we move to a more individualized and accountable approach to wellness in 2011, we realized our communication approach had to change as well. Fran has helped us identify what we are doing well and where we need to get a lot better to turn our wellness results from good to great.”


UBT has hired context to provide ongoing strategic advice as they work through these recommendations.