What does it look like when a culture of health exists?

  1. A healthy workplace is part of the company's business strategy.
  2. Wellness is not a program, but a way of being and working. Wellness seeps into workload, work structure and work-life.
  3. Health and wellness programs are evidence-based and integrated.
  4. Innovation and trial-and-error are part of the mix.
  5. Disconnects between messages and day-to-day reality are constantly surfeited out.
  6. Incentives reward for taking first steps and for progress made.
  7. Communications are organized according to users' needs, not the needs of program owners or vendors.
  8. Employees and their families can get the information 24/7, no matter where they are.
  9. Social media and social networks are used thoughtfully, facilitating real conversations in real language.
  10. Health doesn't end at the office door.
Companies, like the rest of the health care system, are grappling with a tremendously difficult and sometimes baffling situation. But sharp companies and leaders know that healthy employees are more engaged in their work and deliver better results. These companies will stay committed to creating a healthy organization, measuring and adjusting their efforts until they get it right.